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Client Testimonials

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St. Vincent Hospice Services, Inc. looks forward to knowing and sharing what you have to say about our agency, as well as our services. Don’t hesitate to communicate your wonderful experiences with our trusted care team.

Check out how our services have made the difference in the lives of our clients.

40 Responses to Client Testimonials

  1. Lisa Daughter for Fe Siason

    We very much appreciate your help especially providing us the best place for mom to stay and on behalf of my family we would like to thank you for all the services and professionalism you rendered to us.
    Again thank you and God Bless!

  2. Kirquie Enrique son of Luis Delgado

    In a few words by father and us were grateful that you all handled him so well. He had nothing but good things to say about you and your staff.
    Thank you for the great service!

  3. Karin, Daughter for Pablo Niemetschek

    To the staff at St. Vincent Hospice Services, especially Dad’s immediate care team(Yelena, Larisa, Liouda)
    We want to thank you for taking such good care of Dad. From the very first day of service(when our family didn’t really think that Dad needed to be on hospice care) to Dad’s very last earthly day (when we needed the help and guidance of the hospice team more than we could have imagined) each person from St. Vincent was always kind and caring with Dad. You treated him the same tenderness one would expect if he was your own family member. Your hospice service made it so much easier for us to take care of Dad. Medication and supplies were delivered to his home and any questions we had were answered quickly, allowing us to focus more on just being with Dad. We can’t thank you enough – The Family of Pablo Niemetschek

  4. Marianne, Daughter of Jovita Miclat

    Thank you, all of you were extremely helpful. We are very grateful for all your help and all the nurses were fantastic.

  5. Debora daughter of Jean Shono

    Yelena, Thank you so very so much for your assistance in helping my Mom transition… We could not have done it without You and your professional staff/team. The nurses were fabulous and really did a great job. With your help my FMSL went thru & it got approved the day she passed… Always remember, you do a good no mater what anyone says. I will be eternally grateful to You.

  6. Deneve David's daughter Julie

    Hi Yelena, jus filled out a survey I received about your services. Gave only the highest marks. I’ll forever be grateful for all the care and support you provided. Mom had been sick for many years and in all honesty, with your support, the year she was under your hospice care was one of the more comfortable and happy years she had since falling ill. I will especially be forever grateful to our terrific bath aide, Jeni. She showed up the rainy Saturday night Mom died just to check on us. My Mom took her last breath just minutes after Jeni arrived. I know Mom was able to pass peacefully once she knew I wasn’t alone. Thank you all for everything!

  7. Carmen from Alvarez Family

    The care my mom received from the staff from St Vincent was amazing, from her care to the prayers and supplies and calls to see how she was doing was 100%.
    Thank you so much from the Alvarez Family.

  8. Vivian care giver for Norma Kelly

    To the staff at St Vincent. To all my wonderful helpful friends. Thank you for always helping me to do my job well!

    Your friend Vivian

  9. Sally Shubin

    The nurses assigned to my mother were so wonderful. They made her comfortable as possible. I couldn’t have asked for any one better. So caring.
    Thank you for wonderful service St Vincent Hospice!

  10. Cynthia Mata-Flores

    There are no words to explain how satisfied we were with the hospice nurses and how they explained daily what was happening to Lydia and how they made her feel so comfortable. Your services are phenomenal!!! Thank you all very much and please continue doing your awesome job!

  11. Simon Tessa

    Keep doing what you do!
    The services you have provided were amazing. You provided services recently for good friends of mine as well and they spoke highly of St Vincent hospice as well.
    Have to mention, it was a joy to have both Simonette and Emma for a few days providing the continuous care for my mom.
    Thank you very much for all you have done for us!

  12. Christopher Barnes

    We appreciate your services. Thank you to everyone for everything you’ve done for my dad and our family these past few weeks.
    Thanks for excellent care, we really appreciate it!

  13. Daniel Sigala

    Thank you very much St Vincent Hospice. All I can say is that you went above and beyond to help us out as much as you can. We were very satisfied with the services you have provided. God Bless You, take care and blessings.

  14. Judi Hwa

    St Vincent Hospice staff is so helpful and caring in this challenging period of our life. They provided prompt and sincere services which were greatly appreciated.
    Thank you St Vincent Hospice very much!

  15. Marla Alvarado

    Thanks so much! I so appreciate the care mom received in her hospice care! I couldn’t have done it without you!
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  16. Angel/Raymond Morningstar

    Thank you Jeni for everyhing you have done for us, it was a pleasure to have you as CHHA. You are very nice, sweet and kind. We were lucky to have you as CHHA.

  17. Phoenix Hardin

    In Raymond and Mable Morningstar’s memory.
    Hi Yelena!
    Just wanted to say thank you again for all the kindness you and your team showed by grandfather and me the last several months. We truly appreciate, more than you will ever know, all your support and help. You are an angel!

  18. Angel Morningstar

    Thank you so much for everything you guys were able to do. It was nice to have your services, we really appreciate everything.

  19. Richard Espinoza

    St.Vincent Hospice…
    Your service was excellent, the nurses and everyone else who came to our house or spoke with us on the phone were always very kind, patient and understanding. Everything your company provided us during that time is still very much and sincerely appreciated. Our family truly thanks you for your serivce.

  20. Kathleen Young

    Thank you so much, St.Vincent Hospice. We appreciate all of your coordination, assistance and kindness as we navigated a difficult time in our lives. I’m not sure what we would have done without you!

  21. Elizabeth Kaplan and Di Fenady

    You are truly a blessing to us.
    Last month our elderly father was hospitalized and subsequently in need of full time care/hospice. In the midst of trying to process his prognosis, he as well as our family were quite overwhelmed. It was during this especially vulnerable moment, we met Yelena Melkonova. We are so grateful to Yelena for her comprehensive and compassionate guidance during this difficult time. She felt like both a friend as well as a much needed lifelife. Thank you Yelena and St. Vincent’s for all that you did for us. You found the perfect hospice home and care during my family’s time of need. We would have been even more lost without you. Can’t recommend Yelena highly enough! Forever grateful.

  22. Fanshen Cox

    Thank you very much to St. Vincent Hospice. You helped make the last few months more calm and peaceful for my mother and our family is very grateful for that!

  23. Cecilia Nakamura

    Thank you so much for the help and care you gave my husband. All of the nurses that came to check on him were so kind and caring.

  24. Christian Love

    Thank you so much for staying in touch. I appreciate your encouraging thoughts. I haven’t finish my journey yet. I’m taking my husband remains to his place of birth, and placing them with our oldest son. Once the (covid-19) have let up, I enjoyed reading the poems you sent. I frame some of them.
    Thanks again, Christian Love & Catherine Towles

  25. Audrey Auzenne

    To all of you, Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness. That was so kind. I would like to say that I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people. Everyone treated my husband with such genuine care. It was a pleasure having them in my home. My husband died peacefully as he slept and I thank God for that and the fact that he was home and I was there. Thank you.
    Audrey Auzenne

  26. Darlene Babros

    Maria I just want to say thank you for everything you did to help my father be comfortable in his final days. You are a hero to me and from the bottom of my heart my family and I send our deepest thanks. God Bless you Maria. What you do is truly God’s work.
    In Gratitude,
    Darlene Babros

  27. Jennifer Banh

    Managing care for a loved one during their end of life is one of the most challenging things a family member can experience. My father was diagnosed with metastatic lung cancer at the young age of 68 years old. We were told that we only had weeks left when we took him home from the hospital. Using St. Vincent hospice services allowed us to honor our father’s wishes to pass peacefully surrounded by loved ones. St. Vincent’s hospice helped us to ensure that our father was comfortable during his remaining days. What’s most impressive about St. Vincent’s hospice is their supportive care services and how compassionate their staff is. They’re highly responsive and address our needs in a timely manner. I would recommend St. Vincent’s hospice services to any one who has a loved one needing added support during their remaining days. – Jennifer B. from Rosemead/ Los Angeles

  28. Kerry Comingdeer

    Sincere gratitude and thanks to the professional and compassionate St Vincent Hospice team caring for my mother’s health care needs.
    Kerry Comingdeer

  29. Richard Westphaln

    I would like to thank St.Vincent hospice on behalf of our family.You took such good professional care of our Mom Lina Wulf.
    We couldn’t have asked for more support at this difficult time! Maria, Joanna and Liana were there for us. Much heart felt thanks.
    The Westphaln , Jensen and Wulf Families

  30. Dudley E Duncan

    Dear St Vincent Hospice Services,
    We just wanted to take a moment to say “Thank You” for all that you have done to help us through this last year or so. St Vincent has been amazing through this whole ordeal and has made all our lives easier, and more comfortable. The day we decided to enlist your services was a day we all breathed a bit easier. You helped to lift a huge responsibility off our shoulders by taking care of all our mother’s needs and letting us enjoy her right to the very end. Your team was very professional and caring. They responded quickly to all our needs and arranged continuing loving medical care. We were blessed to have you and your expert staff on call 24/7 for the entire time. Our Mother’s caregiver always gave your team members high appreciative ratings when we asked how things were going. You have been a “Godsend” to our family for which we are eternally grateful. We will be highly recommending your services to anyone we know who might need them. Please share this letter with your staff and let them know how much they are appreciated and what a wonderful difference they have made in all our lives. All their efforts did not go unnoticed and were much appreciated.
    We cannot thank you enough for your amazing service.

    The Elsa Duncan Family,
    Elsa, Dudley, Sandy, Christine, and Jim

  31. Nadine Dodd

    Dear St. Vincent Hospice,
    I want to thank you for all you did. You went for above and beyond in caring for my mom and caring for me too. I could not have done this without you. The ease in contacting you if i needed help or just had a question. I appreciate you checking to see if i had enough supplies.
    Please thank Johanna for me. She was great in bathing mom. I would highly recommend St. Vincent Hospice to anyone.

  32. Maya Sanchez

    God bless you for caring for my Dad. Could not have done this without you.
    Maria, Johanna, Liana, Angela, Dr. Artavia, Liana at the office.
    Thank You Very Much!

  33. Nick Gutierrez

    Thank you for your genuine kindness. We appreciate you.

  34. Josephine Maust

    All the staff are wonderfully dedicated to their profession. Especially Lianna, she is always very concerned with my health problems and gives me a sense of relief. Norma is also an excellent care giver. Thank you to all the staff!

  35. Laverne Mirly

    Dear St. Vincent Hospice,
    I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the staff at St. Vincent Hospice for their tender loving care they have give to my husband. Everyone is so thoughtful and loving in their care. They have taken care of every need that arises. I would not be able to keep him at home without St. Vincent Hospice. And the supplies you provide are wonderful-every need fulfilled. Thank you very much!

  36. Martina Sanchez

    Before Having the assistance from St. Vincent Hospice, just hearing the word “hospice” it was terrifying. Now my mother is as happy as she can be in her state. She loves all her nurses and helpers. St. Vincent has made this as easy as possible for myself and my mother. She gets to be home and surrounded by the people she loves. Everybody is so kind and helpful. I just want to say thank you to everybody at St. Vincent Hospice.

  37. Julie Acuna

    Thank you for all the care you gave my dad. Though I miss him so very much, I am forever grateful he spent the last of his life exactly how he wanted at home with his family and you were a big part of making that happen.

  38. Maya Sánchez

    I am so grateful to St. Vincent Hospice for caring for Mom in her final two weeks. I could not have done it without Mom’s LVN Maria, who was available when I needed her, listened to my concerns and advised me. I learned so much from her. The two LVN’s, Nikolai and Valerie, who provided Continuous Care treated Mom as if she was their own mother. And Johanna’s tender care as she bathed Mom always touched my heart. She was never brusque or rushed, but gave Mom the needed time and lots of love.

    I am grateful and fortunate that your staff continues to help me care for Dad. I have no idea how I would do this at this stage of Dad’s life without St. Vincent. God bless you all.

  39. Consuelo Gregory

    I would like to take a moment to express my appreciation to all staff, especially Maria Soto, LVN and Liana (Administrative Office).
    During this difficult time both Maria and Liana demonstrated compassion with my father and entire family. I felt comfortable calling them with my concerns. Maria went above and beyond to ensure my fathers needs were met. Liana was very warm and attentive.
    Again, I would like to thank your staff for helping my father and my entire family during this time.

  40. Brenda Cox

    Thank you very much for caring for my father. You’ve made this critical time in his life less painful for him and his family. We are grateful each day for this Hospice and especially the care given by his wonderful nurse, Maria. We know his care is the best possible because we see how much you care. Our entire family truly appreciates all the handwork the hospice has done for my father!

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