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Palliative Care

caregiver taking care of an elder

St. Vincent Hospice Services, Inc. has a team of highly-trained care professionals who are well-acquainted with the latest and most effective methods in palliative care and symptom control. We understand that attempting to cure an illness that can no longer be cured will, more often than not, only cause unnecessary harm or discomfort to the patient. We believe that the best course of action is to use safe and evidence-based procedures to alleviate pain and add just that little bit of peace and relief into your loved one’s life.

Medical Treatment

  • Patients will receive medications to relieve pain and other physical symptoms.
  • The primary physician in consultation with the medical director of the hospice program will determine which forms of medical treatment advance the palliative goals of care identified by the patient and family.
  • For example, RT may be indicated for the palliation of pain, or antibiotics may be prescribed to help keep a patient comfortable rather than to prolong life.

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