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Bereavement and Grief Care

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Whatever happens, we believe it is important to never destroy our clients’ optimism or hope.

Patients and families may experience some feelings of hopelessness when hospice care is offered as the appropriate course of treatment. This is to be expected and part of the normal process of grieving and acceptance. They may also express anger. This, too, is normal.

One of our main goals is to make the patients and family members believe that “there is much we can do” even if there no longer curative medical options are available and we believe this gives them some sense of hope.

We help them identify their own “goals” for hospice care. This will shift the focus of their hope: to be pain-free, to die peacefully, to know his/her family will be okay, to be a role model and teacher for my children, to make peace with him/herself, etc. It is important to understand the culture and religion of our patients and family.

  • Do they prefer to talk about “bad news” directly and openly or do they use euphemisms?
  • Who is the decision maker in the family?
  • Should you communicate this news to the patient or only the family or both?
  • What have they told us about the role of their faith in their illness and healing?

Losing a loved one can be an unbearable experience. And while we can never prepare you enough when such an event may take place, we do promise to be there for you and your entire family throughout your grieving, offering the necessary support and care that will get you through such an immensely difficult stage in life wherein the struggle to come to grips with the reality of loss often takes its toll.

With our compassionate staff by your side, it would be easier for you to move on and be happy; knowing that it’s what your loved one, who is now in a better place, would have wanted. For further details on this particular service, we urge you to reach out to us today! Give us a call at 626-796-1922 or send a message to